Forgive or forget

You are the topic that of which compels my mind. I want to forget you, pretend as though I never met you well? What’s making it so hard. Is it that, I did once care for you? The way our eyes meet? Or the snickering of laughs when you pass by. It truely is my fault! I let my gaurd down, and you took full note of it and let yourself destroy me. Although I never cared as much, fully aware of what you were doing, scared to loose the feeling, I went with it. Never let your gaurd down not even for a moment. Dualy noted for next time, as we pass by in the hall my eyes roll back, but you walk everyday like it ment nothing. Everyday you wake up to the same lie will you never get on with your life? Will you ever accept yourself for who you really are? Or hide behind the shadows looking for the innocent souls to torture. Nevertheless I can’t fathom the imensity of frustrations I have torward people like you. I thought I knew you, I thought it was even love, turns out your just a liar, and you’ll never learn. You may think I’m too predictable but one day I just may grow out of that, but you, you will never stop pretending to be something your not, to impress people who don’t even care for you as much as I once did. Poor you.




I just can’t take the world runing away feels so right

This song is beautiful

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It happen’s.

It happen’s.


oh well whatever im not even gonna care.                                                                                                              sick of crying, tired of trying yes im smiling, but inside im dying.

hm..people are giving ya a lot of shit..
hopefully they grow up soon. most of them be anons..pretty pathetic:)

(watch ill get shit now for saying something)

Lol i love you :D